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Racing cars without batteries – a post especially for Wilf

Generator Racing

Generator Racing

I have been neglecting my Blog.  No excuses offered.  My nephew, Wilf, just phoned me and said I had not updated my Blog for some while, and why were there no posts for the under ten year olds ?

So, here is a post for him, and any other young people.  Often children are given toys, which need batteries.  If the person giving the toy has sense they will not only make sure it comes complete with batteries, but also supply a replacement set.  Children get through batteries very quickly.  It would be wonderful to have an electric toy which did not need batteries, and did not need ‘plugging in’.  Here is such a toy.

The toy is called “Generator Racing”.  The name comes from the fact that the child (or adult) playing with it has to generate their own electricity.  Electricity is generated by winding a small generator.  It is not clear how long the charge lasts, but it is sure to please children who are concerned about their environment.  The racing track comes with 30 pieces of track allowing the construction of lots of different track designs.  Time will see if this leads to a whole new set of toys based upon the same principle.

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