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It’s all on the cards

Credit Card Theft

Credit Card Theft

Ahead of the Infosecurity Conference in London later this month, they have released a report which makes sobering reading.  It states that 44% of Londoners have suffered bank card fraud.  24% of Londoners have had their identity stolen.

  1. The most common reported method (27%) said their details had been stolen through websites or e-mail.
  2. The second most common method (20%) said they lost their details during face-to-face transactions.
  3. Being conned over the phone was the third most likely place to have details stolen with 15% of details being stolen in this way.
Some of the other ways that details were taken included cashpoint machines, online banking and letters being intercepted in the post.  Most of the affected (58%) were targeted in the UK, but 42% said the fraud happened to them while they were overseas.
The average amount stolen was £1 148 with 37% of the victims reporting they did not get the money refunded by their bank.  People who lost more than £5 000 stood a better chance of getting a refund, 91% were successful.  However, if the amount was less than £100 then only 41% received a refund.
Interestingly, only 28% of the victims thought they were to blame for the fraud.  Twice I have had my credit card skimmed, whilst abroad, and I would say I was at fault.  Now, My card is never taken from me in restaurants – I have given up the foolish practice of just handing it to a waiter to pay the bill, sitting contentedly whilst my card is taken behind a cash desk.
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