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A fast electric scooter

Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

This scooter not only looks good, but also packs a punch.  The punch is from 28 batteries which supply 3.84 Kw which will get you to 113kph (70mph).  It is made by the American company ZEV, and the ZEV7000 will give, on average, a range of  between 50 and 70 miles.  This makes it an ideal option for commuting.

The company claims that the 240 newton-metres of torque from the motor deals with hill climbs, and delivery is by a three-speed automatic transmission.  It can be fully charged for as little as 7 pence.

However, with all electric vehicles the problem arises after two years when the batteries start to fail to deliver the same power and need replacing.  Before considering a similar purchase, it is worth sitting down with a spreadsheet and factor in all the costs over the lifetime of your ownership.  I am a big fan of LPG vehicles, having used them since 2001.  However, in time, if all the pundits are correct, scooters such as these will be powered by small fuel-cells.  This will greatly reduce the weight, allow for zero level of pollution, but begs the question where will all the hydrogen come from?

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