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NOT the iPhone 4G

Acer 521

Acer 521

After all the fuss about today’s Gizmodo story about the yet-to-be-released iPhone 4G ‘found’ in a bar, and the accompanying conspiracy theories, here is a story about a real product.

The Acer 521, at first glance, appears to be yet another Netbook.  What makes it different is the fact that it appears that it will not use the ubiquitous Atom processor, but will use the AMD Nile V105 processor.  This processor is a single-core processor, operating at 1.2HGz.  It has a total power draw of 9 watts, which makes it efficient for an AMD chip and supports DDR3 memory.  Tests will show it performs compared to the Atom.  It will also have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225, the letters ‘HD’ indicating the HD playback capability.  It remains unclear whether it will support 720p or 1080p HD video.

This Netbook the netbook will have optional Bluetooth 3 support and a compact charger with interchangeable plugs called MiniGo. The battery is supposed to be good for up to 7 hours.  It will have 1GB RAM, 160GB or 250GB hard disk drive and runs Windows 7 Starter Edition.  The 521 will be launched in June.

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