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Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

For many years the Swiss Army Knife has been the pocket tool which has everything – including the tool for getting stones out of horses hooves.  For some while it has come with a memory stick, but it has now been re-launched with a new version of the memory stick.

Victorinox, who make the Swiss Army Knife, say that their memory stick can not be hacked.  Indeed, they go on to claim that if the stick detects an attempt at unauthorised access it will “self destruct”.  They must be confident of their claims as they are putting their money ( a “six figure” sum) where their mouth is.  Hackers have been invited to visit their London shop and to put the memory stick to the test.  The stick employs sophisticated encryption techniques to encode its contents.  In addition it uses a fingerprint scanner to gain access to the contents.  However, rather creepily it is claimed that it uses an oxygen and heat detector in order to determine if the finger is attached to a live person.

The cheapest version of the new pocket knife, the 8GB version costs £100. The most expensive is the 32GB version and costs £315. Unfortunately, it is compatible with Windows PCs only.

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