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iDapt – how to easily charge three devices at once



It is always said that the best ideas are the simple ones.  Well here is a very simple idea which meets the needs of any of us with two or three small devices which need charging.  There have been a number of gadgets released recently which try to address this problem.  This one, the IDAPT, is elegant.  Unlike others, there is no need to fit any of the devices with special adapters.

As you can see from the picture, it is a single unit, on to which up to three devices can be attached in order to charge them, using a single cord.  Each of the three charging points are interchangeable modules (they call them ‘tips’), and can be used to charge phones, satnavs, MP3 players, hand-held games consoles and even just to charge AA/AAA batteries.  It is



also available with generic DC, micro-USB and mini-USB tips.

The range of interchangeable tips are compatible with over 3,500 devices (Apple, Garmin, Blackberry, Sony, Nintendo, etc ).  The unit is supplied with six different tips, and additional tips can be purchased.  The IDAPT itself costs as little as £30, with additional tips in the region of £6 each.  I like this idea very much, but I am disappointed that we have yet another gadget prefixed with the letter ‘i’ .  See the video in my Vodpod section.

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