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It is too early for 3D TV



3D television was a significant feature of the recent CES. However, I think that it is too early for wide adoption of these devices. There are three fundamental reasons.

Many people have in recent years dispensed with their CRT televisions and purchased LCD or Plasma flat-screen TVs. Apart from those who have to posses the latest in home entertainment, these TVs are due to last seven to ten years before needing replacement. The second reason is that although the 3D version of your flat-screen TV is about 15% more, you have to buy the glasses to go with them. You will be unable to use the 3D glasses you recently acquired on your visit to the local cinema. These panels require micro-shutter glasses to work with the polarising output from the panel. As these will cost about £125 ($200) a pair, then a new 3D TV for a family of four will be the price of the TV plus £500. What will you do when you have visitors? The third reason is the software. We are still awaiting for the majority of broadcasting to be in High Definition. I think it unlikely that broadcasters are going to consider adding the expense of 3D broadcasting – although some of the coverage of the London Olympics will be in 3D.

I have just read that SKY TV in the UK are launching a service to include 1 Premiership football game a week.  A demo of the technology will take place in selected venues in the UK on Sunday 31st Jan.  The event will mark the first time any TV company in the world has broadcast a live 3D TV sports event to a public audience.

One manufacturer, Samsung, is pushing ahead. “Recently, 3D displays have captured the industry spotlight,” said Wonkie Chang, president of the LCD Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Electronics aims to lead the global 3D TV panel market in pioneering panel mass production for 3D LED and LCD TVs.” I think that Mr Chang has jumped the gun on this one.

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