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Electricity from clothing

Electricity from clothing

Electricity from clothing

The same team at Stanford University who brought us paper turned in to batteries, has now developed a cloth that generates electricity when worn.

The team, led by Yi Cui in the Department of Engineering have managed to dye fabric with carbon nanotube ink, still allowing the cloth to stretch and move like normal but also giving it the supernatural ability to hold a charge. Potentially, you can recharge your mobile phone by putting it in your pocket, or your watch can be charged by using a fabric strap.  By injecting the fabric with a carbon nanotube ink, the team were able to manipulate the cloth into holding an electric charge.  Cui gave other examples of how this technology could be used: “High-performance sportswear, wearable displays, new classes of portable power, and embedded health monitoring systems are examples of these novel applications.”

The fabric stretches and moves as normal, and the team did ensure that it remains washable.  It appears that nanotubes are proving to have great potential.  See my earlier posts  on nanotubes, one-dimensional objects and space elevators.

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