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Big claims, small device



RCA have announced a device which ‘harvests’ the energy of wifi fields and converts it in to electrical energy, which is then stored in a battery.  The small device, which they call the Airnergy, can then be plugged in to a mobile device to topup the device’s  battery.  The company claims they were able to take a Blackberry from 30% battery, to fully charged in 90 minutes.  What is not stated is how long it took the Airnergy to harvest enough wifi energy to fully charge its own battery.

If you view the Vodblog on this page from an electrical engineer, he shows us the maths involved.

The device will go on sale for £25 ($40) in the third quarter of this year.  The company also claims to be working on building the device in to a mobile phone battery itself, which will be charging the battery whenever it is in range of a wifi signal, day and night.  If the figures add up, you may never need to plug your mobile phone in again to charge it.  I remain rather sceptical.

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