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Please consider giving

International Red Cross

International Red Cross

We have all seen the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti.  Estimates of the number dead vary, but a consensus seems to be 50 000.  However, many more will die in the aftermath without international aid.  Therefore, I am going to break one of my own rules and put an external link on my blog – to the International Red Cross appeal:


Please spare some money (for any of the organisations involved), and if you can, consider what I do – make a monthly donation by direct debit.  The Red Cross and other organisations state that when a disaster occurs they often have to make the appeal, wait for money to be donated, purchase large quantities of food and equipment and then ship to the devastated area – often with long delays.  If you can donate something each month,  this enables them to keep their warehouses stocked and ready to respond in a timely manner.


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