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Is this the ultimate eReader?

Skiff eReader

Skiff eReader

As I stated in a previous post, some pundits have suggested that 2010 marks the beginning of the end of the book.  The current eReaders are great leap forward – especially electronic ink.  It makes the experience more natural as the image very closely mimics the appearance of ink on paper.  However, users have asked for more, such as touch screens, larger screens, wireless connectivity etc.

Well, it appears that one manufacturer has been listening and has brought out an eReader which ticks most of the boxes on the wish list.  The device is called the Skiff eReader.  The company claims it is innovative in so far as “largest e-paper display, thinnest e-reading device, most durable e-reader, highest display resolution, full touch screen, extraordinary battery life”.

The facts we are interested in are: 228.6 mm by 279.4 mm by 6.8 mm, 498 grams, magnesium housing, 11.5 inches display resolution, 1200 x 1600 pixels at 174 ppi, e-Paper display silicon thin-film-transistors (TFT) on flexible stainless-steel substrate (no glass and bendy), shatter-proof, crack-proof, touchscreen supports both finger and stylus operation, battery life (approx) one week of average life, 3G-enabled, wifi-enabled, USB 2.0 over standard mini-USB port, internal memory 4 GB with SDHC 2.0 standard compliant SD-card slot, built-in speaker and 3.5 mm standard audio jack.

It is due to be launched later this year.  The Que ProReader is already available and of course the rumour mongerers tell us Apple will be launching their own device very soon.

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