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A projected touchscreen

Touchscreen Projector

Touchscreen Projector

One of the gadgets to catch the eye of many at CES is not from one of the multinationals, but from a small UK company called Light Blue Optics.  The image, projected on to any flat surface, not only looks like a touchscreen, but also allows the user to interact with it.  The image is 10inch (24cm) and WVGA resolution thanks to the use of holographic laser projection technology.  The device incorporates an infrared system which determines the location of the user’s finger on the image, allowing complete interaction.  It also incorporates wi-fi and bluetooth to connect to the internet.

It is claimed that the battery is good for 2hrs of use. The device has flash memory (2Gb) and a microSD slot allows for expansion.  Uses for this device extend beyond the early gadget adopter  to retail, the home and education.  The company claim that it will “profoundly change the way people interact with multimedia content and the built environment”.   Expect OEM companies to line up to exploit the technology.  The device has already been named a CES Innovations Honoree in both the Media Player and Personal Electronics categories.

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